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Our MPE Facebook Community was created for the purpose of providing connection and information exchange between members of our community. It is our goal to share neighborhood and community information, while making everyone feel welcomed and safe. Here are some basic rules:


Membership: This group is for current HOA members who live in the Merriman Park Estates neighborhood and their immediate family members who might live elsewhere. It is not for non-HOA members, friends, or employees of residents or people who live outside our neighborhood.  To pay your HOA membership dues, click here


Politics, Religion and Health Issues: No discussion of politics, religion, or health related issues, please. Announcements are allowed with no partisan commenting.


Tone & Language: No foul, inappropriate, or abusive language permitted. Always be courteous and respectful. Remember that many of our community services are made up of volunteers. We are all neighbors and need to treat each other with kindness and respect. No calling out or naming of persons, individuals, or addresses unless previous permission has been granted by said individuals. Insults to individuals, members, or groups will not be tolerated and will be removed.


Advertising/Services & Buy/Sell/Trade: Members may seek service recommendations and buy/sell/trade opportunities (subject to moderation) within our community group. As part of being courteous and respectful, we ask that negative reviews of businesses and services be limited to the simple statement that you had a negative experience and to contact you directly for more complete information.

Reporting Posts/Comments: To report a post, click on the '...' and select 'Report post'.  To report a comment, 'press and hold' the comment and then select 'Report to Group Admins'.

Administration: The Admins of the group will make the final decisions concerning all posts and comments.

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